Gocco finished products

These are two finished products I’ve made with the small screen printer I have called a gocco printer . The first one was stationery I made for my friend’s birthday, and the second is an invitation to a farewell party for some friends at church. The first one jared actually came up with the design after hours of my designs not working.
The second design I drew (but as you can see drawing is not my forte) and then I scanned it into the computer and messed with it in photoshop/illustrator. If you click on the picture above you can see a larger version where the type is readable. I like the type I found for the second one. It’s called Alba Matter. I’m pleased with how they turned out since they are my first gocco projects.


Amazing. I’m so proud of you! So sorry we can’t make the send off.

everyone needs a gocco they can call their own. it was a fantastic investment. i highly recommend it. i also highly recommend someone sitting you down and showing you how to use it (thanks jordan!)

You really make me want to buy one more than before. Ok I need one.

you artistic skills are amazing. i love them both.

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