Farewell Party Plans

Today I’m throwing a farewell party for our friends Matt and Buffy that are moving to Park City next week. Here is the invitation I made for the party on the gocco.
They are pictured below in their fantastic Umpa Lumpa Halloween costumes. They were the stars of the Greenwich Village parade. They are really good friends of ours and we’re sad they’re leaving us.

Erin blogged about some suggestions for our party here. There were some great ideas.
It’s in this awesomely huge game room with a juke box, lots of pool tables, air hockey and a huge screen tv with couches. We’ll be playing a ski movie of jared’s in the background for people to casually watch but it’ll mostly be hang out time. There are about 35 people coming, and it is adults only.

Here is what I came up with for food (it says on the invitation ‘muchies served’):

Tortilla chips with three dips:
Tomatillo-Avocado guacamole
Bean dip
Good salsa from Whole Foods

Grilled lemon chicken skewers with peanut dipping sauce

Assorted Stewarts sodas.

Chocolate fountain which I purchased for $25 at Rite Aid. I bought some lady fingers, square marshmellows, and someone else is bringing strawberries and other fruit to dip. I’m nervous about this because last time I tried to melt chocolate I went through three bags and was unsuccessful. I hope I have better luck this time. Plan B if the $25 chocolate fountain doesn’t work or I can’t melt the chocolate again: Fruit and cookie platter minus the chocolate.

We also have two other people bringing munchies and Patrick is making his famous chocolate chip coconut cookies.

This easy part about it is everything is served cool so I made most everything last night which is perfect because I’m spending the day with Devon in the city. The only thing I really have to do this afternoon is add the avocados to the guacamole (because they brown) and melt the chocolate for the fountain. There is a microwave in the game room so I might warm up the bean dip and peanut sauce a little.

I hope everything turns out okay!!


’twas awesome, and Liz’s food set-up was a dream! The peanut sauce was superb…

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