Devon in town

Today and tomorrow are teacher convention days which means no school. Party time!

It’s going to be a fun weekend because a close friend of mine from college, Devon Cone, is coming to stay with us for a couple of days. Devon and I met at BYU through some lacrosse connections and then ended up living across from each other in some apartments. Devon is from a family of boys and can ski the pants off of anyone I know. Because of her adventurous spirit, sparkling personality and good looks, she has always been a hot commodity with the boys. She also is a world traveler and has spent summers in Thailand and Africa doing foreign service, in addition to her year and a half mission in Romania. Devon is now in the most prestigious International Law and Diplomacy program in the country at Tufts University……..I feel like I’m writing a college recommendation …..Devon will absolutely be successful in her class work at your school, but much greater, she will be a trusted friend, a great voice for reason and direction on campus, and a credit to the school fortunate enough to be her alma mater. I am honored to be her counselor and I give Devon my highest recommendation.


Wow. Devon sounds amazing. She could come to my school…if I had one.

too bad there aren’t any boys reading this blog except for jared…

this is the best entry you have posted yet! i love you. you are the best.

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