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Britney Spears just filed for divorce from K Fed. FINALLY! His album just came out October 31st and flopped. Tough love. Thatta girl. Now back to the pre-babies booty shackin’…..


Did you intentionally spell it “shack-in” as in, she’s going to be shackin up with lots of guys? By the way, I heard he’s filing for full custody

more breaking news: i just heard she told him she was filing for divorce via…..text message!

seriously doensn’t he have like 5 kids now? watch out, he’ll prey on jessica simpson next. on other celebrity breaking news: the saleswoman over the phone at crate and barrel told me that the sofa i just ordered was just bought by christina ricci in the same color! we are SOOO hip.

Now he can look for another woman to start reproducin’ with!

She finally got k-fed up with him. And his man capris.

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