I’m so excited about this movie. It’s gotten fantastic reviews and is coming out tonight. It’s supposedly the funniest (and mildly offensive) movie of the year. We’re going tonight.


yeah it was a little too offensive. especially on the big screen. but very very funny! what did you think?I couldn’t process some of the scenes fast enough to make laughing sounds, but also screamed at the picture of him with his son!

trina, you are awesome. it’s like you started commenting in the middle of a sentence. sounds like a fun halloween

that ahs to be the funniest movie ever so let me know, i mean, i’m already quoting it just from the trailer.

well i wanted to go trick or treating but the police were being really strict( like riding bicicles and dressing up in costumes undercover and police vans were all over the place.)it was hilarious but so i stayed in and watched a movie with my friends. then after, i still wanted to get some candy (even though it was 9:30) so i went around in the car and if there were a basket full of candy on a porch, i would take all the candy and put it in my pillowcase! unfortunately, i found only 2 bowls in the front.

if anyone has a good video clip of borat from youtube, please post with your link

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