A thrift store find and lessons in fashion

On black friday we ate pie for breakfast and then three car loads of my relatives went thrift store shopping which has become a thanksgiving tradition(as has the breakfast pie). It was a fantastic group because there were 10 girls who all have good taste, but wore different sizes so we could quickly ‘comb’ through the racks and pull out any and all items that might fit someone’s tastes and size in our group. It was also the perfect opportunity to teach some fashion tips to my mom and aunt who consistently yelled across the store at each find: “hey girls, is this IN?”
Important topics covered were:
fitted pencil skirt hits below knee IN vs. frumpy knee length skirt OUT or mini skirt OUT
vertical stripes IN vs. picnic prints OUT
lacey old blouses IN vs. pink ruffles OUT
baggy sweater sleeves IN vs. extra large stretched out wool sweater with felt christmas bells OUT.

More on thrift store shopping tactics here on a previous post.

I was lucky enough to come upon this gorgeous red wool coat myself and snagged it quickly before nine other eager shoppers. It’s so pretty and fits perfectly. It was only $15. BINGO!


I have a feeling thrift store shopping in NY is much different than DI shopping in UT.

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