White House Black Market

I’ve never actually bought anything from this store but I always window shop. Great dresses for special occasions.
Look at these adorable black tie dresses to wear with a nice black cardigan. They are all on sale (for under $100). Now I just need a special occasion (wait… everyday is a black outfit day!)

Buy them Here, Here, and Here


I saw that store in the mall and I saw that last dress in the window.it looked really nice

it’s good quality. my sis in law has the first dress and she wears it with a hat like that roll-up one you blogged about when you were on vacation in the OC.

is it pretty good quality western rebel? I think my favorite is the third one, the white strapless

i have a lot from here b/c my sis in law works there. 40% original prices and another percentage off sales prices. let me know if you want to buy something and i’ll hook you up with the discount.

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