Surprises for Jared

Jared has been working really late and really hard the last few nights. I haven’t seen him all weekend. I miss him. I wanted to make something special for him last night, or if he comes home too late, to bring to work today. I tried, I really did. But the stars weren’t quite aligned in my favor. The butternut squash soup tastes like water with orange colored throw up chunks in it and I accidently put too much baking soda in the pumpkin chocolate chip bread (and to make matters worse, it’s burnt on the outside. Stupid oven). Sorry Jared.
I did, however, with Jared’s hard earned overtime money, buy a couple things I think he’ll really enjoy: some of his favorite seasonal candy, And two new additions to our family pictured below (inspired by the fall pumpkins).


erin i get i could get you a discount if you wanted some for your bday. everyone’s doing it.

Wow, are you SURE you’re not pregnant? Those luscious melon breasts are amazing!

Wow! Are you smuggling pumpkins in your shirt? ha ha! Awesome. I think Jared will love them.

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