Spotlight on my Primary days

I think I got my hair looking that awesome by rubbing the scripture case on my head during sacrament meeting.


zella, yeah the hair is bringing up some ideas for halloween costumes…

You should start wearing your hair like that more often, seriously.

Oh Man, I hope our primary starts this tradition. That is one awesome spotlight.

mardi, i need those afro pics! (they are so blog worthy)debbie, my parents only gave me TWO pieces of steak every meal. SO UNFAIR!

It doesn’t look like your parents fed you much! (well that, and the snakes in your hair…)

THAT’s my Idibit! I definitely have some photos like that to add to the collection…yes, she had curly hair back then. my fav pics of us feature the two of us with afros (which is funny because I am black and she is not).

that picture is awesome. i wish i had a copy of it when we were in college. it’s even better than some of the pics you held ransom of me.

well it’s still kind of curly. I don’t know! It’s not very curly anymore. I use to have to flat iron it every day. Now I never have to. It’s definitely straightened out the last 5 years

Liz, you HAD curly hair? What happened to it? How did it get straight?Great picture.

I laughed out loud!!! The kids just ran in from the other room to see what happened. I love Primary!

a coworker saw the picture and asked if it was halloween. NO that was my real hair do! I had curly hair but my mom always brushed it out so it frizzed. she always said she was jealous of the ‘body’ i had in my hair.

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