Last fabric blog I promise

These are the fabrics I bought.
The middle grey one with the pink accents is going to hang behind my armoire- I bought 6 yards of that one, to be divided in half. The other two I bought a couple yards of each but haven’t figured out what fun project I’ll make with them- I couldn’t pass up their cuteness. I’m thinking about making the green one into a table cloth. But I’d like to involve lace in a table cloth I make. Still thinking about that one. My friend Buffy mentioned painting a kitchen lime green and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since, although I might not ever have the guts. I do however, love green with black and white. The wildflowers are so pretty, I might make a couple pillows with that one.
Congrats to the three winners!


I like all three. my favorite is the wildflower one. I think you should just cover your whole life in it

yeah it was a last minute contestant and an instant winner

YEAH for the winner, it was my fav! but where did that first one come from? it’s really cute.

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