I have a color addiction

You know when you walk into a clothing store, see a table full of simple sweaters in every shade possible but are always drawn to the same color? I never noticed it before until I color coded my closest and realized 50% of my shirts are black. And not ONE red, orange, or yellow shirt. Not one red shirt? No wonder I feel like I have nothing to wear during the holidays. What a booooooooring wardrobe.
I’m afraid to admit what this may say about my personality: I’m boring. I’m scared to take risks. I’m severely depressed. I have a color addiction. I hate christmas.
So I went out last weekend and bought a cute red shirt from H&M. It was a bit of a struggle. I tried on the red shirt along with a black jacket, and two black sweaters. It was hard to pick the red over the blacks. I think this color addiction is going to be a harder thing to overcome than I thought. I’m going to need a lot of support from you all. And please don’t give up on me if you see me wearing all black at your christmas party. Please know I’m trying but recovery is long road.


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