Home from Key West

We just got back last night from Key West for our Anniversary trip. It was awesome. So peaceful and so relaxing. We really only had two full days there. The first day we kayaked in the mangroves, the second we lay in the sun and rested. Both days we ate delicious food and key lime pie. I don’t have pictures of the kayaking, but we do have a video that I’ll post sometime soon.

We stayed at this georgous victorian home that is the southern most house in the continental US. SO cool, right on the water and insanely relaxing. It is technically the off season in Key West so we got a great discounted rate.
Below is the view from the window in our room- in the ‘turret’ of the house.
Above is the southern most endless pool in the continental US next to our southern most house… and yes, that’s Jared doing a mostly southern walk on the endless southern water.

We spent $27 to see these alligators in the Everglades alligator ‘farm’. There were swarms of them. We even went to an alligator ‘show’ during which the performer wrestled an alligator and then demanded the 6 people watching whistle louder or he wouldn’t let go of the poor alligator’s jaw. At one weakened point Jared convinced me that it was a good idea for me to hold a baby alligator. We have a video of that one too. It’s a short video.
This is me thinking of the delicious key lime pie we had at mostly every meal but definitely at least once a day.


Wow, I”ve been waiting for this report. Thank goodness my nightmare about your trip didn’t come to pass. Welcome home and give me a call! Mom

watch out design mom, i’ve had that trader joes key lime pie. it’s ridiculously too tart

I’m defrosting my Trader Joe’s key lime pie as we speak. But I’ll be t key lime pie tastes better in Key West.

sweet! i like the alligator part best. you guys like to involve wild animals in your trips, don’t you?

that house looks amazing! you guys go on so many awesome trips. you’re like the coolest couple i know.

great pictures. now, IM thinking of key lime pie. mmmmmmmm.

That looks really really fun. Except the alligator part.

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