Hairdos spanning time

I just got a new haircut and highlights. I like it but I’m not very good at making it cute on my own. It always ends up falling too flat or looking like a 15 year old flip ‘do. The ‘newer do’ is what my hair always ends up looking like (15 year old flip). The ‘newest ‘do’ picture above is what the stylist did last night to it and what I will end up trying to recreate every morning.


clemantine – i’m from new york but i went to school at brigham young. ive been to logan a lot though

Where are you from Liz? You look really really familiar to me. I grew up on Logan. Just wondering. Not trying to stock you.

haha the old do is sweeti like it o btw, i have a new blogs w/ pics!

I prefer the old ‘do. But the newest one is nice as well.Lindsay

you look freaking hot! in all three, but i think the most recent one takes the cake.

talk about extreme makeover! very cute. i bet you could figure out how to do it like that. it doesn’t look like they did more than round brush it.

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