Fabric Vote

These three tops ones are the three luckly finalists to hang behind my armoire.
Please vote for your favorite.
Or if you hate them all tell me so but don’t be offended if I delete your post afterwards and call you a jerk.

These two have already won- something. I’m thinking about using them to frame a craft board, or possibly a table cloth. Either way I like them and I’m planning on calling them mine for some crafty martha purpose. The multicolored one is my favorite. Should that be the one I hang behind the armoire? I can’t decide.

I found these all at Purl Soho which is an adorable craft store only one subway stop away in the West Village. But you can also order them online here

The polls are now officially opened…….


I liked the first one too. But now that I’ve read Liz’s comment, I’m partial to the last one.

yeah liz, i was actually thinking about that issue with the first fabric, i think that’s what my major hesitation is. i might go with the third, the grey

you might get sick of the first one if it’s a larger amount of fabric, so I would go wit hthe last- more timeless and subtle.

i like the third one best and the first one second best but it’s hard to tell until you see them in person/in a room. i really like the last one that already won too!

I can’t see the third, but of the two, I like the top one (blue & green). Oh, and I totally dig the multi…but perhaps a little too busy for behind the armoire? Can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece!

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