15 Seconds of Fame

I read a statistic a few days ago that 1 in 4 Americans have appeared on television or a film (not counting local access channels). I’ve been on TV once when I was in the audience at Dave Letterman. The camara man scanned across the crowd and there I was smiling and clapping! When I told Jared about the statistic he made up some elaborate fib about the Cosby Show going on a family trip to the desert to be filmed in St George, needing some elementary kids as extras, and his line: “Don’t forget to bring water!”. Then he made me feel bad that I ‘forgot’ this important moment of fame in his life. The sad part is I bought every line of it including the guilt trip. I think one reason that he continues to tease me is that I’m so guilible. (The other reason is that he’s a Stanley and it’s in his blood). However, I think the real reason he fibbed was he realized he hadn’t been on TV and wasn’t nearly as famous as his celebrity wife.
So according to the statistics 1 in 4 of you out there have also been on television?


Well, Michelle WAS wearing my jeans when she appeared in that movie, so does that count? I was actually interviewed on the news once in DC but I never got to see it, other people said they saw it though.

cosby show in st. george. love it! no fame for me. but i always wanted to be an extra on saved by the bell.

No fame for me. But Olive’s giggle was on Huggies wipes commercials for a year.

mom, see the post before about called Spotlight on my primary days….that’s where the picture came from. Photoshop made it magically appear on the television!

What the heck…how did THAT picture get in there? Sorry, I’m still living in the past. Everytime I see that crazy hair I feel guilty for not researching taming wild hair on the internet…oh, there was no internet..I’m off the hook.

ha ha ha! that’s right! i need to rent that movie. you were really good at pretending you were drunk!

oh yes, you don’t haven’t forgotten my big movie debut in “drive me crazy” with melissa joan hart and Adrian Grenier, have you?” that touching scene where i walk up the stairs holding hands with a fat kid holding (fake) beer? or when i sit next to adrian on the piano pretending to be drunk and singing row row row your boat (classic moments i can’t wait to show my kids)? that hottie is now a big star on “entourage” . . . and i take credit for launching his career.

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