Tour, no internet, cold…. so sorry

So I’m on this counselor tour in VA right now but I don’t think I’ll be able to blog much the next couple of days. I brought my laptop but it turns out you have to PAY $10 a day for internet so I’m not doing that. I’ve also had a cold and been crashing at 8pm every night. I hope you’ll all forgive me even though I know my priorities are out of line. Don’t worry I’ll be back to blogging Friday morning.


yeah i’m feeling pretty bad. I think I might ditch out tomorrow and spend the day in the hotel bed (and buy the $10 internet for 24 hours!). Right now i’m at Lynchburg college at the computer lab

How can you live without the internet? $10. You don’t have to blog but how will you read my blog?

Sorry you’re sick. Hope you’re better for your Anniversary trip coming up.

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