Thrift Store Shopping

Tomorrow I’m spending the rainy day going thrift store shopping with my mom and sisters. Thrift store shopping has been one of our fabulous family activities since as long as I can remember. I was even left in a thrift store once and was found asleep on an old couch several hours later (I think that’s how the story goes).
My mom and sisters and I all love it and if you have the patience, you can really find some great things like worn in levis, vintage dresses, large frames, old books, vintage fabrics, dress ups for kids, and costumes.
After years of bargain thrift store shopping there are a few things I’ve learned:

1. There are salvation army thrift stores (both regular and family), consignment shops, and second hand stores. The last two are pretty similar, they’re cleaner, smaller, and more organized, but the owners usually have an idea of how much things are worth so although you can sometimes find good deals it can be picked over and more expensive (comparatively).

Salvation army thrift stores are my favorite because usually the owners have no clue how much things are worth so sometimes you can find some amazing deals if you have the patience to sort through the racks. I’ve found designer $150 jeans before for less than $8. The family versions of these are great because they’re huge and have tons of old vintage furniture usually.

2. The best way to stay focused is to walk into the store with some kind of idea of what you want (i.e. old levis to make cut offs or old cookie tins). Thrift stores are incredibly disorganized so if you don’t have something specific you’re looking for, you can get lost in the racks.

3. Always go with at least one other person with good taste. There is A fine line between old vintage and junk. It’s nice to have a second opinion. Although when in doubt, buy it. It’s only $3 anyway.

4. My mom taught me a great trick when shopping at a thrift store that doesn’t have a fitting room. It’s not very glamorous but it does the trick. Grab a long skirt with an elastic waist. Find a corner of the store that’s not frequently visited (preferrably close to the furniture section where there might be large mirrors). Throw the skirt on over your current pants and then without looking too suspicious, exchange your pair with the ones you’re interested in buying under your skirt. Don’t worry there are enough odd balls in there you won’t stand out much.

Maybe tomororw I’ll find a too cool orange button up like this dude.


Do you have any particular Utah thrift stores you can recommend or that are your faves?

If you think thrift store shopping is fun now, just wait until there are little ones to shop for!!!

I got some awesome brown leather boots (kenneth cole), some off white vintage peep toe heels, a cookie tin box, and a beautiful crocheted sweater to wear with a belt. for a total of $26. woo hoo!

We’re going shopping today! And you are sitting right next to me! So let’s get a move on!

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