The real first day of school outfit

Gabby blogged about this adorable outfit for her 2nd grader on the first day of school.
It’s adorable. Really it is.

Unfortunately in 10 years this same adorable second grader might beg to wear this to the first day of school, and sadly enough, she wouldn’t stand out at all. I know this because I saw virtually this same outfit yesterday in school and the girl was only trying to fit in.


that’s so sadand uglythe first outfit was cute(for little kids)

dang it! i knew you would recognize that green bikini…..

yeah right it was “some girl at your school’s” first day outfit. stop pretending. we all know it was yours.

Yeah I’m thinking I’ll for SURE get that most popular vote in my department if I copy her outfit.

yeah that’s the problem, there’s no real definition. It’s a tad subjective

So what constitutes “inappropriate”? Nevermind. I don’t think I want to know.

No dress code here. However, if something is really inappropriate there are huge tshirts in the nurse’s office that students are asked to wear.

Ouch. Is there no school dress code at all? At my high school we weren’t allowed to wear shorts that hit more than 6 inches above the knee when kneeling. And no tank tops allowed. I realize that was in Utah, but can’t the Jersey schools impose some sort of dress rules? No swimwear. No midriffs. etc.

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