The best steak marinade ever

Kikkoman Marinade for Meat. Don’t even bother trying anything else. This is a Ricks family favorite. Marinate a london broil cut steak for about 20 minutes in this delicious stuff and then broil for about another 20 minutes or so (depending on the thickness of the steak). Let it rest in some tin foil for another 5 after you take it out to let the juices sit.
My favorite meal with some twice baked potatoes-we had it last night .
A couple years ago my mother told me that the grocery store she shops at stopped carrying this stuff. Since then, every time I see it I stock up and buy as many packets as they carry. I have about 20 in the cupboard right now. I hope I never run out. Mmmmm.. did I mention I’m a total carnivore


you know design mom, i’ve noticed that about you. and i love it.

That picture of steak looks so good. I order steak pretty much whenever it’s on the menu at pretty much any restaurant.

I second Liz’s testimony. I feel so bad…I cleaned Stop and Shop out of their entire supply.

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