Suggestions for Guest Blogging…

Dear Jared,
Thank you so much for being my first and favorite guest blogger while I was away and sick in Virginia. You have done an excellent job. I thought I might give you some suggestions for next time, because sometimes it’s hard to think of things to post about when you’re really busy. The following is a list of things that I think would be good to post about, while still maintaining my dedicated following:

1.What delicious things you made for dinner (well I guess you already posted that yesterday- Honey Nut Cheerios). Good work!

2. Cute things you saw online like wrap sweaters, fall jackets, or work shoes. You can even take gabby’s idea and put together an ideal work outfit for a perfect fall day

3. Some craft or seasonal decorating idea from Martha Stewart

4. Hair Dos you like (olive blair could help on on some of these)

5. Cute things you’ve found at Forever 21.

6. Posts without offensive language

Also, it’s important to respond to other people’s posts and blogs…I know, I know, how will you find the time? A quick tip: ‘so cute’ or ‘awesome’ usually works for just about anything. You don’t even need to read the entry.

Thanks sweetie! See you later tonight!


I think you two are hilarious. Jared reminds me of my husband and he’s pretty funny too. He’s also a “techy”, as I like to call it and I hate to think of what would happen if I made him my “guest blogger”. I probably would have to censor. By the way, I saw that episode of Flavor of Love where “Somethin'” pooped on the stairs. Super gross but funny all at the same time. I can appreciate.

jared, I would like to join Liz in thanking you for being the guest blogger. you’re frieking hilarious.

come back quick liz! although jared your posts were very creative and appreciated in her absence.

Those are really good suggestions. I would love to see jared post his favorite fall outfit and new wrap sweaters!

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