September 11th

I took this picture (i know, it’s fuzzy- I didn’t have a tripod with me) from Hoboken this past weekend. The spotlights are a memorial to where the twin towers stood before we were attacked. Yesterday on 9/11 Jared and I met an old mission companion for dinner and we took a quick cab to ground zero to have a look at what was going on. Besides a lot of tourists with video camaras, there were some amazing displays of art and literature posted by loved ones of those that died on the fence surrounding ground zero. There was also a choir of children holding candles and a display with a list of those that were lost. It was crowded and chaotic like new york is but with an added piece of sadness. We didn’t stay long and then ate at an outstanding Japanese restaurant before Jared had to return to work for a few hours and I went home.


Somber. Thanks for sharing so we get to see your view.

omgosh! i saw that last night too! I was out running on the HS track and i saw it going up right above the church. I knew it was from ground zero. Pretty cool but sad too. Don’t they usually shine up 2? o btw i got a blog… i sent u an emaili nothing to blog about though. haha

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