Ricks News

(from top left to bottom right: Spencer, Betsy, Tim, Christian, Matt, Celeste, Becca, Katrina, Me, Jared)

This is kind of a big time right now for my family. Almost everyone has something new and exciting going on:
1. Celeste and Matt just purchased their first home and moved in last week. Matt also graduated this spring and started a new job at a film school last week as an English teacher.

2. Christian’s girlfriend just got home from a mission last week and we have been told to ‘not make plans for Thanksgiving’. Christian is also starting a master’s program in Genetics this fall and hearing from medical schools acceptances soon.

3. Spencer just got home from his mission in Chile a month ago and is starting back at BYU this fall. I can’t wait to hear who his first post mission kiss is.

4. Rebecca is starting her senior year of high school today and applying to BYU next month for Fall 2007.

5. Katrina got her braces off yesterday and is starting her first year of high school as a freshmen today. I can’t wait to hear who her first post braces kiss is.

Jared just got an awesome job he started today he’s really excited about with a start up company in NYC. As for myself, I was voted most popular in my department at work (well, IF we had a vote I’m pretty sure I’d get it).

Good Luck and Congrats everyone!


Do you notice how Spencer resembles Grandpa Ricks in the family photo?

Thanks Liz for keeping all of us updated. Jared, thumbs up on the new job and the great Ricks photo shot.

Hooray for the Ricks! And a special congrats to Jared on his new job (because I’m his big sister.)Are you sure there’s no other news?

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