Need decorating help!

This is the view of one of our living room walls above the armoire. I’d like to put some kind or art work or fabric to cover that vent, but it’s an AC vent and needs to be exposed? What can I do? It’s ugly and I have to stare at it when I’m watching tv. Help!


I have to agree with salem. although if you go with the plant idea, great one!, I would stick a winmill or two in it.that would surely brighten any hot day!

so it’s actually an intake vent which sucks air in and then cools it or heats it. so i need to have it exposed year round i think. maybe i’ll try jordan’s idea. although i’d love to hang some fabric off of a cool rod but then i think the suckage would be decreased.

ok no, really, it came to me. a giant statue of david. like the kind we had in our dorm. i can even see if jake can help with the electrical. he might need to wear a coat in the summers though when the AC is on. jordan seems to be good at picking out clothing, you can ask her about that.

Liz, maybe a couple pretty orchids on the right in pots from IKEA and then on the left (hanging on the wall) a frame or two with some cool art.

lock jared up in there and let visitors feed him those orange candy peanuts.

salem, i like your idea. we LOVE crepe paper parties especially in the summer. josh, great idea but we don’t want to over do the star wars theme since we already have the star wars bedspread and figurines

jordan what kinds of plants? like potted plants? I sometimes put vases with flowers up there but it’s so high up it looks funny to me.

I say you tie some crepe paper to the vent so when the AC is on it looks like there’s a party at your house.

I vote on painting the wall and vent a subtle color (like beige or something). The freshcoat of paint will make the vent look more discreet. Then put some plants or greenery pn top of the armoire.

great idea! you’re right, I guess I only need the vent open during the summer

I would take some cool batik fabric with the right colors. Mount it either on a frame or with dowels (on the bottom and top). Take it down only when you are using the AC.

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