Need another cheap trendy forever 21 store type store? You can never have too many. I found this online clothing company called LuLu through Copycat This and thought it might be a nice alternative on my off day from forever 21. Everything is pretty cheap which I like and they have an especially extensive shoe section.
Here are some of my favorites:

Black Flats $39

Belt $12

Wrap dress

Now if only it were October 1st…. I’ve already maxed the clothing budget for September


yeah i kind of figured a lot of people coming from gabby’s blog had some connection to my dad’s ward

I just figured out that i was in your dad’s ward! this picture you updated made me ralize you look a little like your mom and dad and then I confirmed with fellow members of my former ward. so hey! your dad was my bishop before I moved to CA.

Love the belt!! You don’t know me but I know lots of people you know

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