Guest Blogger: Jared – Some Pictures

I thought Liz’s fans would like to see some pictures of some of my(jared) friends. This first picture is of Matt, he and i and some other friends went and lived up in jackson hole a long time ago, this was taken then; Todd sent this pic to me, i just got it today and thought i’d share.

This is a picture of supergreg, this is a picture of him when we were all going to school in Logan, Todd just sent this pic to me too, greg was really into video games, especially one called James Bond. One day he couldn’t pass a level so he dressed up like James Bond to help him play better. I remember watching the whole thing and thinking what a loser greg was, but looking at this picture i realize that i sat there in Todd’s green chair and just watched him play the video game the whole time, so i guess that makes me a bigger loser.

This is a picture of my skull, if you look you can see my profile. it’s from an xray of my head. This is what my head looked like about 2 years ago.

I hope you come home soon liz! I Love you!


liz that’s just an optical illusion; my skull looks small because my brain is so freaking huge. don’t feel bad, i get that small skull comment ALL the time.

is anyone else surprised with the small size of jared’s skull? ps that picture of greg is so awesome. is that how he got his name super greg?

i think your post is the only one that made me laugh out loud today. awesome pictures.

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