Guest Blogger: Jared – Favorite TV Shows

Since Liz is out of town, I decided to take it upon myself to blog in her place, which fits nicely with the “guest blogger” format trend that my family is currently entering.
For my first post, I would like to talk about TV. I have been watching more tv than I usually do lately, and I think the reason why is because the shows right now that are on are SO GOOD. Two of my favorite shows right now to watch are:
1.Flavor of Love(2) and 2.Wife Swap. Following are brief synopsis(-es? -i?) of the shows:

1.Flavor of Love. Flavor Flav from Public Enemy fame is on a quest to find love. SO, he invites like 20 potential mates to live in the mansion, and over the course of 8 weeks he eliminates girls until he finds his true love. That’s the theory anyway, but a few of the wrenches thrown in are things like finding nasty hoochie girls instead of normal girls, so the girls always fight and just generally make bad decisions the whole show. Also, Flav decides to sleep with many of the girls when the feeling’s right. That can’t possibly be conducive to creating a healthy dating atmosphere! I guess the part I like about this show is that Flav is basically the king of his little fantasy reality world; the girls are all fighting or something, and Flav will walk down the stairs and say stuff like “You girls are lookin’ FLAV-tastic” or just start rhyming random phrases or something. Anyway, one of the girls was walking around and pooped on the stairs, it was so funny.

2.Wife Swap. Two families have their moms trade places for a couple weeks; the moms go to the new house and live by the family’s rules for one week, and then change to their rules for the next week. Theoretically the families come away with a broader outlook on life and family and gain a deeper appreciation for their own family. The concept is pretty good but the producers of the show are really excited about ratings so they get the MOST polarized families possible and put them together. I guess I like this show because every single person in each family on each show gets offended at a really deep level, and their core values get trampled on, which is never pretty but fun to watch. And sometimes they get like a mom who’s PSYCHO, actually most of the time they get someone who’s pretty psycho, it’s pretty rad.

Anyway, I hope I have given you a feel for these shows are about and why i like them so much, and i hope you get a chance to watch them.


I just enjoyed an episode of Wife Swap that involved a goth family (you know, mohawks, tatoos, coffins in their living room). The sad part was their daughter really didn’t want to wear black all the time. She just wanted to be “mainstream.” It was dramatic and touching.

what about the pirate lady? she was awesome. she enraged this poor 13 yr. old cheerleader so much with her new pirate rules that the girl in tears yelled “i’m washing my clothes! i’m wearing pink! and i’m going to cheer practice!” Can you believe some pirate mom tried to take those necessities away from her?

yeah that baptist lady that was casting out devils from the cameramen and sound guys and stuff, so AWESOME!

i totally want to hang out with the editors of wife swap. you know they are busting a gut when they piece it all together. remember the psycho who tried to throw the camera people out and screamed like a demon was inside her, but they kept rolling. can’t get enough of that show. flava isn’t bad, but can’t catch it in time.

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