Guest Blogger: Jared – Colbert…coincidence? not a coincidence?

Probably the biggest thing i’ve learned since becoming a guest blogger is that some girl in SF also likes to watch Wife Swap. I also learned something tonight, i didn’t learn it but it’s just something that happened: I was watching the Colbert Report, another show I like to watch, and I was eating some cereal(lately i’ve been into eating cereal again, first time i’ve really been back into it since the marriage) as I usually have been doing for the last few weeks. I just finish a bowl(had 2 bowls tonight) and Steve Colbert makes a joke with a Honey Nut Cheerios reference. Guess what kind of cereal I was eating? Honey Nut Cheerios. Pretty weird but it’s even weirder after you hear the next part.

Remember 2 weeks ago or last week when Colbert made that funny Roshahshana joke about the jews who owed him an apology so he set up a hotline? Well, if you reemember he said something I think about joe leiberman or something, how he would make him a bowl of kosher Cocoa Puffs. That night when that aired, shit you not while watching it I was eating Cocoa Puffs.
I don’t even really like either of those cereals. I like them but i don’t love them, if i went to the store i don’t think i would buy them, at least they would never be on my top cereals list. Anyway, I also had a box of golden grahams between those boxes, and the order I picked which box to eat was arbitrary.


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