Thrifty Shmifty

Living in a big city has major perks. One of course is the shopping at all the designer boutiques and high end department stores like Barneys. However, with all the glamorous ‘shopping’ I do (and being brought up by super thrify parents- my first bra was purchased at a second hand store. ew), I still manage to have the following breakdown in my closet:
30% H&M
30% Marshalls/TJ Maxx
20% Forever 21
10% Target
10% Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (because my friend gets a 30% discount she shares 🙂 )

Sadly enough only the H&M is exclusive to big cities, and now that I hear the OC is getting one…….You actually can get really cute stuff online, even if you live far from a big city, at forever21 and target like this cute purse below (target on SALE):

I wish I could say our furniture was a different story.
Our furniture was for our first year of marriage:
25% ‘found on the streets of NY the night before trash pickup’
25% ‘left over from last tenants’
50% ‘donated from old missionary couple in my parents ward’

After almost two years we’re now at:

20% IKEA
10% Pottery Barn (thanks to Jordan’s discount :))
25% ‘left over from last tenants’
20% ‘donated from old missionary couple in my parents ward’
25% ‘donated from richer couples in our ward that didn’t realize apts here are too small to fit all their super nice stuff’

The percentages have changed a bit but the shame remains…One day we’ll get a new couch that doesn’t have a slipcover on it and I can’t wait!


Yikes! I am suprised Jared will sleep on the bed. He gets paranoid about beds in hotels. I just assumed it carried over to his home as well.

MICHELLE- I mean anonymous-you aren’t much of a rebel i’m sorry to say. wasn’t that your high school mascot?

The TV was a wedding gift…and the bed was given to us by the old missionary couple!

anonymous, still cowardly.Liz,I am impressed that you got that nice TV from one of the places you mentioned. Was that one of the things you found on the streets of NY? And your bed as well?

sooo . . . this is what high school administration does during the off months. good to know. and i only go my anonymous until you suck me into your blog enough for me to succumb and create my own identity. taking me down with you, you are.signed,western rebel

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