The wilds of NJ

Jared always says the east coast isn’t ‘outdoorsy’ enough, and usually I agree. No matter how hard we try to have a genuine outdoorsy experience, it either turns out sub par or costs us $200 plus rentals and tip for something that would be free out west. However, this last weekend proved us wrong when Jared and I ran into a wild black bear at a NJ ski resort. This was the first wild bear I’ve ever met and I didn’t catch its name but I’m pretty sure it was bitter about growing up at a New Jersey ski resort when its cousin ended up in the grand tetons. I had a feeling that bitter bears are not to be toyed with.
There is still some debate between Jared and I as to how large of a bear it was we were almost mauled by. I had the longest look at it from about 30 yards away, and it seemed to me fluffy was roughly the size of a small elephant. However, Jared seemed to think it was only as tall as himself which is why I think he thought it a good idea to try and scare it away. Successful, fluffy ran down the mountain toward the kiddies at the water park and we ran up.


hansel, i’ve also heard bears are attracted to blood. So be careful next time you’re camping and someone tells you to smell their hand. you might get another bloody nose

Mrs. Stanley, Greetings again. According to my mother-in-law, black bears are the only bears that actually actively hunt people, that will actually kill a person for food, so maybe your life was in more danger than you think. I’ve also heard that they are as cranky as a woman who has just started a bad birth control pill for the first time.-hansel

Who knew that NJ had a single wild bear anywhere in the state? So did you actually scare him away, or did he look over you two buff specimens and go looking for beefier fare? Was anyone else around?By the way, I know of a really good source where you can read about a HUGE grizzlie killed in Alaska. Ask me privately.

Dear informed reader and avid fan smarty pants ‘hansel’, Clearly you did not read the entry in detail. I did not mention anything about Asia no Asian Elephants. NJ is no where NEAR Asia. It’s at least a couple hours away. Mildly apologetic, Liz Stanley

Mrs. Stanley,According to some reliable internet sources, an elephant might stand only 26 inches tall at birth, and only after 10 years will and Asian Elephant reach its mature height of 8 – 10 feet. So if you say the elephant was only as tall as a young elephant, I’d have to side with your husband.Apologetically,An Informed Reader and Avid Fan

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