The Real OC

After 6 hours on the 2 planes and 3 hours in the las vegas airport (and sharing a flight with kobe bryant), I’ve finally escaped the city life and arrived in sunny california to visit my best friend brooke and her husband. No formal schedule has been set but I’m certain my trip will involve a lot of sun and massive consumption of raw cookie dough and mexican food (but not in that order).

I’m also certain my trip will involve being reintroduced to pop music I thought I hated. Last visit I left with a new found appreciation for Usher and CMT. I cant wait to hear what the kids in the real OC are listening to these days. It’s gonna be a great week!


cuuuuute skirt jordan! (i’m just assuming that is you in your blog pic, and no, you don’t know me)-western rebel

I love CMT, Liz! You should listen to country more often.P.S. I’m back from theater camp and I wish I wasn’t.

mmmm tricky stix. i WISH they had that delectable treat here!

mmm. cookie dough. make sure though you don’t walk in on brooke eating tricky stix.

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