The Ice Hut: A luscious treat for the whole family to eat

About two weeks ago Jared and I discovered this hidden gem in Hoboken, not three blocks from our apartment… The Ice Hut. Since that glorious night, we have gone back several (3-4) times a week to indulge in all of its luscious goodness. On several occasions we have missed the 10pm closure by a matter of seconds and it ruined our night.
The flavors change every week which is unfortunate because all of the good flavors are offered week A and all the not so awesome flavors are offered week B. Whose brainiac idea was that, I don’t know.
I would highly recommend the following items from the Ice Hut in this order:

1. Combo Cooler with vanilla ice cream, red rasberry icee, orange icee (or mango)
(the combo cooler is pictured below. As you can see the combo cooler is the ultimate in dining pleasure with layers upon layers of delectable cold goodness for only $2.60). These flavors are offered week A.

-this option far surpasses the next items. However, if you find yourself feasting on week B you may be forced to choice a second rate flavor in your combo cooler like:

2. peach
3. chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles (not a combo cooler)
4. cherry
5. lemon
6. pink grapefruit (nice idea, but sounds better than it actually is)

Now I want to be clear that these ‘second-rate’ flavors still surpass any Cold Stone/ Snow Cone, but are definitely secondary to the flavor sensations of orange and red raspberry with the vanilla ice cream.

You will never be disappointed at the Ice Hut.
It’s a satisfier. mmmmmmm!


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