The far eastern sense of humor

This video clip is one of my new favorites in a sick and twisted way. It makes me giggle. After showing it to one of my coworkers she commented “I didn’t know Chinese people were funny”. Oh, I knew the Chinese were funny. I knew the Japanese were funny too. Enjoy. Watch it all the way to the waterski grand finale.


well, i suppose it’s good to know liz isn’t alone in her shame.-western rebel

Um, anonymous, if you read closely I actually have seen this thing multiple times.

dear ‘anonymous’, how did you know about my obsession? p.s. you are a whimp to not reveal your true wierdo identity.

so you guys are actually watching this clip all the way through to the supposed “grand finale”? i mean, really, how many times can you watch chinese people exposed to the public in a naked squatting position before it’s just another port-a-potty day in china? i mean, liz, and her lifelong fascination with white chinese butts, i understand–but everyone else? really?

That is so funny! I would not know what to do in that situation.

So the first time I saw this video I decided I would never use a port-a-potty in Japan. It’s just not worth the risk.

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