Kayaking in Newport Harbor

Yesterday Brooke and I went kayaking in Newport harbor. It was awesome. Next up I’m going to use my newly acquired kayaking skills and jump in the Hudson River.


that’s awesome hansel. i can’t believe you made a deer cry. you must be a pretty tough guy. jared and i are going to tetons, glacier, and banff this summer. i think kayaking across a glacier lake is something we’ll have to put on our agenda this summer. i’m not sure if i want to make deer cry though. they might have connections to reindeer and you know who THEY have connections to. the big man. you don’t wanna mess with that relationship.

I had a similar experience in the Tetons. I swear I had reached Nirvana, totally at peace with nature, paddling by myself on across a glacier lake as the sun was setting behind the mountains. I have never felt so peaceful in my whole life. Then I drove home and hit a deer with my Honda. I broke its legs and the ranger came out and shot it as laid there and stared at me with tears in its eyes. It makes me think that I really didn’t reach nirvana.

I saw a commercial of this guy rowing across a calm mountain lake and realized that that is all I want in life: to wake up and row across a calm mountain lake every morning.

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