Fetus A and Fetus B

One of my best friends just found out she is pregnant with her first baby, or she thought- but now the doctor is saying its not one baby, but two babies! (fetus A and fetus B the doctors called them). No family history of twins, no fertility drugs. Of course I know people who have had twins- it’s nothing new (less than .5% chance), but I’ve never had a close friend of mine esp at my age. Now that I’m getting in more of a child bearing mindset I can’t imagine how this all works. TWO car seats, TWO high chairs, TWO cribs, TWO bouncy seats, twice as much breastfeeding, a massive dual stroller, a minivan purchase before your 30th birthday…and my big question is, how do you get both babies out to the car at once without leaving one in the car or house? Apparently having twins first makes your other pregnancies (if you dare try again) seem much easier. It’s so crazy. They are going to be so adorable though. I can’t wait to buy them matching everything as soon as i find out what sex fetus A and fetus B are (they think they’re identical). CONGRATS!!!!!


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