Back to School Supplies

Today I had to go back to work (just until Thursday). booooooooooooo. I forgot how much fun it is to get up before 7am.
While the kids are starting to think of buying binders and pencils for the fall, I’m thinking of buying a high waisted pencil skirt like this one to wear with a cute fitted blouse. I hope my legs are this tan too after my summer.


michelle i have that blouse you’re talking about under the sweater. it was on sale for only 8 bucks!buff– that’s what i’m thinking, it’s the best pencil i could buy for the fall. it’s an investment of style.

It’s all about pencil skits or anything high waisted (it’s a timeless style) let the kiddies buy there 3 ring binders and washable markers your putting your $ to good use…as they waste time eating glue and putting there #2 pencil to paper you’ll be strutin’ around showing fashion at it’s best.

i love that blouse! they have one like it under the cute scoop neck short sleeve sweater the model is wearing on the sweater page. they had it in mustard color and it would look awesome with this vintage belt i have and that blouse and i was all set to buy it and overnight it was suddenly gone in that color. so sad! where did it go overnight? well, have fun going back to school shopping!

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