Alarming annoyances

Hoboken has its share of wierdos, that’s for sure. There’s the homeless guy who wears a parka 12 months out of the year and sometimes sleeps on our front steps with his dog. Today at the park we met an even wierder guy. It was packed because it was a beautiful sunday and this dude came riding on his ten speed with a blue bandana around his head playing some kind of car alarm horn. It sounded just like a car alarm and played all the different tunes you would normally hear at the same exceptionally loud volume. He proceeded to bike around the park like he wanted to get beat up. I would guess that car alarms are pretty high on most people’s pet peeve list. Not on this guy’s. Apparently this dude thought it was cool and didn’t notice everyone shooting him nasty looks.
Jared said if he had an invisa-cloak he would knocked the guy off and thrown the bike into the Hudson. I would have cheered him on. You don’t want to mess with Jared. He mauls bears for fun. Why do you think he has a red dragon on his shirt?


Liz,Yes, Jared is the baddest of the bad.Jared,That is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Half the time I feel like I’m failing at everything I do. The other half, I just figure, screw it. From now on, I’ll just think of myself as the caped crusader.

ok, at first I thought the picture went with the title. But you weren’t saying Jared is a Hoboken wierdo, right? love the batman, laughed out loud.

invisibility would be way cool. we’re watching hollow man 2 right now. we watch everything that comes out so don’t judge me. i wanted to watch “high school musical” but it’s been out for 2 months straight. and jared’s dragon shirt is very cool. let’s have the next pic be of him in that batman costume, that would be even cooler.

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