A day at the beach

I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky since I got to California Saturday. It’s been perfect weather.
Brooke and I went to the beach today with my sister in law Megan and her son Benjamin.

Ben playing in his sand hole

Megan and Ben playing in the water

Am I tan yet?

Brooke and her puppy Bella at the park


I just found your blog. I love it! I live just outside of SF. Don't worry…you will learn to love it here! Things are just shifted a little bit. We always have an Indian Summer. Santa Cruz in September is fabulous! Plus, if you get out of the city a little bit during the summer it is much warmer. Good luck with the house search and move!

I loved looking at your pictures…back in August, 1975, I spent my honeymoon on the Outer Banks with Gary (well of course Gary) and we've lasted 34 years. Good place to get it all started…..He grew up there.. in Durham. Did you ever go to Spencer's Grotto to eat? Sorry to hear you moved away…

In August I'm spending a week at the beach with Brooke and then heading straight to outer banks the next week. I'm excited to compare!

I agree! Too cold, too crowded and too much seaweed! I LOVE the outerbanks!

I will never forget our brief trip to the NC beaches– I had no idea they were so wonderful! Perfect, white sand, warm water, long grass blowing in the wind. Heaven. {Hope house hunting in SF goes painlessly!}

i recently found your blog, and i think it's great. i'm a utahn as well. born and raised in salt lake city, but have lived in raleigh nc for the past four years. and i have still never been to the outer banks yet! just topsail island, which was beautiful. but i agree, the coastline is wonderful here. do you live in nc now? and are moving to cali? good luck. moving across the country is hard.

love the outer banks! it's beautiful and private and clean clean clean. fun pictures!

ahhh i love the pic of henry chilaxin in the sun. i love that kid too much.

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