BlogNog: Gratitude Books

 Kayla is here today joining us from the cute blog Exquisite Banana with a really sweet idea for encouraging thankfulness for each other this Thanksgiving. Welcome Kayla!

Hello, all. I am thrilled to be here as a Blognog participant. Thanks so much to sweet Liz for inviting me! I thought long and hard about what I wanted to share and decided to let my anxiety/excitement over hosting my first Thanksgiving inspire me.

I plan to make “Gratitude Books” for my Thanksgiving dinner guests this year, so I picked up petite brown paper journals at the craft store for $2 each and personalized the covers for everyone who will be in attendance:

Since Thanksgiving isn’t quite here yet, I mocked up how I envision using them as place settings:

I left the journals blank inside and will initiate a moment during (or after) dinner when everyone will pass them around the table for others to write a “note of gratitude” in each individual’s book. By the conclusion of the holiday, every guest will have a small keepsake that conveys how and why others are thankful for them. I think it will add a meaningful touch to the day, and serve as a reminder to what Thanksgiving is really all about.

Here’s to love and thankfulness 🙂


We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England but I think this is a wonderful idea. Maybe it could be used at Christmas or New Year too? It is generally a season of being thankful for the wonderful people around us!

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