Weekend Roundup


We survived the first week of summer vacation! Henry had a video game day with his friends (this was first on his list for activities he wanted to do this summer, of course). We had a video shoot with popsicles and a water balloon toss, a trip to a friend’s pool, saw Wonder Woman (so good!), and yesterday Henry spent the day in his pjs baking and helping me take photos. Not complaining, it’s been pretty good so far! Hope you’re up to something fun, here are some links to explore:

Do we talk to boys the same way we talk to girls?

20 recipes to make for dad on Father’s Day

I’m so curious about this swimmer’s hair hack!

18 summery salads  to go with your bbq this month

Just bought these Lykke Wullf pants I’m wearing above, and I want to spend all summer in them!

Some inspiring athletes and how they competed after baby

So curious about this coffee trick

Life advice from commencement speeches (so good!)

How to pack for zero waste travel

So curious about these fudgy cookies made in a sauce pan?!

All my pregnant friends swear by this jumpsuit

This DIY woven bag is made from two placemats. Smart!

Pretty rainbow popsicles for Pride Month

How kindergarteners respond to Wonder Woman (just saw it this week, so good!)

Have you tried the crazy cloud eggs food trend yet? Thinking of making these this weekend!

So much gorgeousness this Etsy Shop (really loving this clock!)

Excited for this movie (one of our favorite books!)


I am cautious about showing Wonder Woman to children. I made the mistake of taking my 8-year-old daughter, and we left the theater after 30 minutes. It was basically a war movie with a ton of violence, in my opinion.

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