weekend roundup


Hey guys! We’re celebrating! In addition to growing these giant ponderosa lemons in our yard, it’s officially summer vacation! School is out today. To start things off, we’re having a big cousin sleepover including a 6 ft long banana split. See details on how we made it on my IG stories. Then we’re headed up to a simple hotel with a nice pool later this weekend for a little time in the sun. But before that, I’m stopping quick at West Coast Craft (all the best boutiques- so well curated!). Up to anything fun? Here are some links to explore:

A fun interview I did for Bitte Shop and my favorite picks

This donut color wheel is so much fun

Current jumpsuit crush

For the love of summer thunderstorms

Why wait until 40 to have a baby

So many great salad recipes here

How to apply bold lipstick perfectly

Great roundup of summer sneakers.

I keep on thinking about this illustrated article about women carrying the mental load of the family. Such a good conversation to have with your partner

Merlot lollipops?!?

Ooooh, the perfect straw bag for summer (thanks, Diana)

I think I’d wear these Jerusalem sandals all summer long (or maybe this version?)

Oh, wow. These images are powerful

All these summer tees

Oh my goodness this dark floral painted staircase

Great NYT article on How to Raise a Feminist Son (and fight the gender stereotypes)


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