Wearing Hair Scarves: Three Ways


Hair scarves and bandanas are all over the place this summer and we’re loving the versatility of this trend. I’m pretty lazy about my hair these days, but there’s something so simple about pulling a scarf into your bun that makes it feel fresh and feminine. Here are three fun ways to wear a hair scarf this summer: a twist, a braid, and this neatly knotted bun above…


The wrapped braid. If you’ve got longer hair (at least shoulder length), this is a really fun style to try this summer. We love using a long, bright silk scarf like the red one above. Check Amazon (we picked this one) or Ebay for deals on them.


Step 1: Start with rolling the scarf up and tying around the back of your head leaving a very short end on one side and a much longer end on the other.


Step 2: Start weaving the scarf through your side braid. We divided the hair in half and used the scarf as the third section for our braid.



Step 3: Using a hair elastic, secure the end of your braid with the scarf tied into it as well. Let the rest of the scarf hang down the front.


That’s it! Tip: If the top gets to slippery, add a couple bobby pins to secure in place.


The twisted up bun. If you’re into twists and buns, this is a pretty combo that works great for a low bun or a top knot. Madewell has a great selection of bandanas and scarves that work well for this look.


Step 1: Make a low ponytail and secure the scarf (or bandana) into the elastic. Twist the scarf around and around until tight.


Step 2: Start twisting the scarf around the ponytail into one large twist.


Step 3: Now take your twist and roll it up into a bun, securing with a few bobby pins or another elastic.


The knotted bun. Couldn’t be more simple. To add a little something sweet and summery to your usual top knot, wrap a silk bandana around it with a knot. Great for thin hair too (I’ve been doing this one nonstop).


We’re loving it with this gorgeous polka dot silk bandana too.



Yeah for hair scarves this summer! Which look would you try?

Thanks to my friend Amanda for modeling! The bright silk scarf is from Amazon, the maroon polka dot bandana, yellow bandana, and white cross back tank are all c/o Madewell. Photography by Liz Stanley, assisted by Stephanie Gardner. 


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