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We’re back with another post in our series on Easy Weeknight Meals. Today our assistant editor Erica is sharing her family’s go-to favorites with us. Erica is due with her second baby any day now, so easy meals are more important than ever. I’ve already tried the black bean tacos and the tikka pizza, and they’re both winners!

(above image credit: Robyn from Real Food Whole Life)

Click on the links below for her favorites:

1. Thai Quinoa Bowls. “This recipe is great for picnics and leftovers because it can be served hot or cold. I usually make it when I already have a rotisserie chicken on hand.”


(image credit: Bon Appetit)

2. Asian Salmon in Foil. “I like to pour the cooked sauce from the foil packet over the entire thing. It ends up being a filling and easy salmon salad that we all love.”


(image credit: Donna Hay)

3. Chicken tikka pizza. “To keep it quick, the recipe already calls for rotisserie chicken and store-bought flatbread, but then I take it step farther and don’t bother blending the diced tomatoes for the sauce. I like chunky tomatoes on my pizza anyway, and then it’s one less dish to wash!”


(image credit: William Sonoma)

4. Crisp Black Bean Tacos. “I like this one because I almost always have everything for it on hand, except for the cabbage. I’ve substituted a lettuce for the cabbage in the slaw a few times, and while it doesn’t have the same crunch, it still tastes super delicious.”

Thanks so much Erica for sharing these delicious recipes! For more great recipes check out our Easy Weeknight Meals series.


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Yes! Love this series so much. I regularly refer back to it. Adding the quinoa bowls and tacos to this week’s menu. XO

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