Weekend Roundup


Up to anything fun this weekend? We have a full house of guests, and with the warm weather we’re planning on hosting bbqs every night (and sneaking out for late night adult dinners). I hope the warm weather is here to stay as we jump into MAY this coming week. Hope you’re up to something fun, here are some links to explore:

Bought one of these Gathre playmats have been using it constantly

My friend Liz is featured on A Cup of Jo in her amazing week of outfits (seriously amazing)

Curious about trying this bubble face mask (and this water bottle humidifier)

So curious about this sriracha rainbow noodle salad recipe

Cute bandana for summer

Woah. Girl Scout cookies on Amazon?

Tips for cooking perfect pasta

So curious about this robotic crib!

What actually happens to your body on a sugar detox

Would you try goat yoga?!

Saving my pennies for these chambray sailor pants

Pretty dip dye placemats to make

Cute shortie rainboots

Great Saturday busy activity for kids

Lastly, balancing friends and babies

Edie and Dot and a peek at our white washed kitchen floors above from instagram


The bubble mask is so much fun! I got it for a galentine’s weekend in February and we all giggled over the tickling feeling of the bubbles and our chubby bubble faces, and massaging it into your skin as you turn the bubbles into clay is soothing. It smells so good and leaves your skin feeling supersoft. I just used it again over the weekend with my boyfriend and he got a kick out of it too!

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