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Some super exciting news: we just bought the home we’ve been renting here in the Oakland Hills! One of the first projects we’ve wanting to do is to turn an unused storage room downstairs into a real studio space for Say Yes. It’s always where we end up shooting because it gets really nice north facing light, but it’s not really a useable space right now. We’re partnering with Home Depot’s Decor line  (yup tables, desks and couches, etc!) for this project. I’ve been super impressed with the pieces in their collection so far. It’s gotten me so excited about this studio makeover. Today we’re sharing a few inspiration ideas and later we’ll have the big studio reveal. Here are some before pictures of the studio space…


Particle board walls, holes in the outside walls, unfinished ceiling with exposed insulation, concrete floors that need a lot of work, and paper we taped up to bounce light where we take overhead photos. We’ve had so many ideas on what to do. One of the big things is opening up that small window to make it a floor to ceiling window, but that requires permits (i.e. will take months). So in the meantime, we are going to finish up the rest of the space.


First up was color, I knew I needed it to be white but have been playing with the idea of painting accent walls and pegboards navy. For colors we wanted lots of white with pops of bright reds and blues, and grays to even everything out. Here are some ideas from Home Depot’s decor line:

home depot studio

Paint colors by Behr we’re looking at: Polar Bear, Ultra Pure White, Dark Navy, Very Navy all by Behr.

And some Home Depot decor items we’re eyeing:

1. Mounted cabinetscubbies under desks, neatly tucked away craft cabinet, and pegboards for crafting supplies.

2. Modern side chairs and pretty blue linen sofa for team meetings (I’m still blown away you can get all these pieces at Home Depot!)

3. Open shelving for prop storage.

4. Shadow desk chairs and red modern desks for team workspaces. I love the idea of bright white walls with red desks and shadow clear chairs

And here are some inspiration images:

home depot

The ceiling is low down in that basement room. I decided instead of finishing the ceilings that I wanted to pull out the insulation and paint the exposed rafters white. This will give it the most height we can get and create more of a studio loft feeling space.

home depot

White walls and desks are so happy! I have a huge crush on these Marlowe Flip red writing desks and ZUO shadow clear chairs. Both from Home Depot.

home depot

We have some really pretty tabletop props for photos and I’d love to display them in open shelving using a great unit like this one from Home Depot.

home depot

I’m really debating about painting a wall dark. I love using dark accents in photos and think it creates such nice drama. Thinking a pegboard might be great dark navy as well!

home depot

We spend a lot of time brainstorming and coming up with ideas on our living room couch, but I’d love to have our own space to relax in the new studio. I’m thinking a colorful couch (like the ZUO linen one from Home Depot  we’re eyeing) and some modern side chairs that can move around depending on seating needs.

home depot

Our current craft storage is in a box shelf and it’s always hard to find anything. I’d love to make everything visible and orderly with big pegboard like this one from Home Depot.

So excited to see how it all comes together. Any spaces you’re itching to make more useable in your home?

Inspiration Images: white exposed rafters studiopainted exposed rafters ceiling, red desks one and two, open shelving, blue wall, blue pegboard, colorful couches, organized pegboard.

Thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring this post. Check out their full Home Depot Decor line right here



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