My Holiday Gift Picks from JCPenney


This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a holiday event at JCPenney in San Jose. I combed the store beforehand to find my favorite gift ideas and then presented my picks to a nice crowd. It was so much fun and brought back so many great memories shopping at JCPenney growing up. I’m still impressed with how insane their deals are (often better than other stores), and the wide selection of items available. You really can find something for everyone on your list from clothing to kitchenware and toys. Here’s what I’d pick to gift…


1. Crosley Cruiser Turntable. This is just so festive and portable! You can display it in your living room and start a vintage record collection. And I love the idea of kids playing their own Mary Poppins vinyl in their bedrooms after school. It comes in a bunch of colors and folds up nicely into a little case. Originally $120, it’s only $69.99 at JCPenney right now.

2. Cathy’s Concept’s Bar Tray. I love to have cheese plates at parties but I’ve struggled to find longer ones with room for all the deliciousness! This one is really exceptional quality and gorgeous in person. Originally $100, it’s $49.99 now.

3. Two Melissa and Doug toys: the Frockling Frog Pull Toy and the Horse Carrier. I’m a huge fan of Melissa and Doug toys. They’re my go-to gift items for young children. They’re great quality, durable, and good looking (so you won’t have to hide them under the bed when company comes). Plus, for wooden toys they’re really reasonably priced. Both of these are $16, which is a great deal.


4. Star Wars Storm Tropper Pillow. This is a really fun gift for a Star Wars fan, and great decor for a kids room. It’s oversized, soft and cozy! Originally $50 it’s only $19.99 right now.

5. Oval Gold Tone Stud Earrings. These are really stunning in person, and only $12.99! A great accent for your holiday dress (I’m wearing them in these images if you can spot them!)

I presented my gift picks along with super stylish Sylvie of Sylvie in the Sky. We both picked a couple outfits (I went for this cozy holiday dress), grabbed lipstick from Sephora (in the JCPenney store!) and set up our gifts to present.




We had a raffle at the end of our presentations. It was so fun to be able to give something away to this young girl who won!

Thanks to JCPenney for sponsoring this post. Follow along with #JoyWorthGiving on social media. Something fun: tune into my instagram live at 11:30 AM PST today (friday) for a peek at these and other gifts I’m giving this holiday season!


I kind of just forgot all about JC Penny for shopping over the last few years, but then we ordered a bunch of Christmas tree ornaments from them this year and I was all, “Oh yeah, I do like this store!” I’m going to add them back into my shopping repertoire.


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