Weekend Roundup


This election has left many of Americans feeling divided, on edge, defensive, and exhausted. To be honest, I feel like the rug has been pulled out beneath us as a country and I’m holding my breath to see how things will fall. But, as Hillary Clinton has said, “The worst thing that can happen in a democracy…is to become cynical about the future and lose hope.” Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, here’s one thing can all celebrate: six women made political history. Maybe not the highest office, but we had some great victories. Also, a celebration for our family: Edie turned three on Wednesday! Focusing on Edie’s contagious happiness throughout the day made all the difference in getting through it myself.

Say Yes has always been a place where we try to spread meaningful inspiration for your life and your families. More than ever I think we need that. Hoping that the moments we share at home, and the tolerance and love we teach our children can make a difference. I’m really hopeful for that. But I also think we need to stand up and help those that are in pain, in grief, and scared of what’s to come. So speak up, donate time and money if you can, and more than ever: spread love and acceptance to your communities and neighbors.

Here are a fun, few happy videos for your weekend:

A little post-election humor: Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks, Best election moments from SNL and  5 Stages of Grief (the waist-high wall comment made me LOL)

A Broadway carpool singalong

Oldie but a goodie: Zack and Obama

Hilarious reenacted conversations with a 2 yr old. This episode is so good too!

This woman and her dance moves

Lastly, a fantasy hotline for new parents

BIG HUG, AMERICA. Hang in there.

xoxo, Liz


It has been a hard week for sure – not only for myself, but for my 11 year old daughter. I’ve been trying to explain how a man who has said such horrible things about females is electable, and a woman who has held numerous political offices, done so many charitable things, speaks eloquently, and, oh yeah, doesn’t think global warming is a hoax, is not.

Already in her middle school she has heard terrible things said by others. It’s hard to try to explain that all you can do is try to be the better person, and stand up for those who are being bullied.

It has helped me reading so many great articles and blog posts by people who I respect, so thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts about this. I know getting political is never easy.

Hi Alice, I’m so sorry your daughter has heard such terrible things. I hope we can all rise above this and focus on love and acceptance and change. Thanks for your thoughts!

A lovely reflection and comment on this (very intense) week. Thank you for your thoughtful and articulate words. Hugs.

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