Weekend Roundup


Is it feeling like fall yet where you live? We’ve had a bit of a warm streak here but looking forward to layers and pumpkin spice pancakes. This weekend Henry and I are making homemade cinnamon rolls (that’s what happens when you watch a marathon of The Great British Baking Challenge). Also planning on stopping by this this stock + sample sale tomorrow with some of my favorite local San Francisco makers. Hoping to make it to the new Tartine Manufactory too. Heard it’s amazing. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

Inspiring fall layering from Alex Closet (image above)

Hillary Clinton featured on Humans of NY

Simple, good looking toddler shoes

A tomato cake?!

This woman wears the same outfit to work every day, by choice!

Turns out, working out can save you a lot of cash

The sweetest little star tights, and isn’t this pom pom toy basket amazing?

Great marital advice from long-married couples

A really healthy take on the pumpkin cookie

Adorable kid bags (the fox!)

Hottest heels on the block all the fashion bloggers are wearing

A blueberry custard pie. YES.

Woah. Would you try this hair lightening wand?

7 old wives tales about pregnancy that might actually be true

This two toned kitchen is my dream

Hand dyed baby tights in every color on etsy

Pretty french baby names 

Lastly, some funny Julia Child quotes you should know and use on regular basis


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