Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Baby Halloween Costumes


This year we’re doing baby and toddler costumes for Halloween. Starting off with the baby series are our two Presidential candidates: Trump and Hillary! See all our costumes right here, and keep reading for details and some funny outtakes from the shoot…

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Halloween costume

For Donald, we found Dot an infant suit and Donald wig, both from Amazon. The wig came with a little red tie (which we cut to make it fit a baby) and an American flag pin which he always wears.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Halloween costume

For Hillary, we found Rachel a sweater and matching pants from Old Navy. Gave her some pearls, a Hillary wig (which we tried to cut and realign in the back to make it smaller), and made a little I’m With Her flag we printed on the computer and glued onto some felt.


And some outtakes: Donald giving Hillary the bird (let’s keep it clean, Donald)…


And Hillary fighting back!


Thank you!! We were looking for some tips on how to do this for our twins this Halloween!

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