Weekend Roundup


We’re packing up to leave for the Outer Banks beaches of North Carolina tomorrow! I’m flying with the kids and my sister Katrina, and then Jared will meet us next week and fly back with us. I’ve got a bag full of little toys and surprises for Edie and let’s hope Dot behaves as well. Henry will be perfectly content sitting with an iPad filled with games and movies. Last year we compiled some 20 great tips for traveling with kids that I’m going to review so I can be fully prepared (reminding myself of #6 constantly) . Wish us luck! Excited to sink my toes into that soft sand and dive into the warm Atlantic at sunset. Have a great one! Here are some links to explore:

I’m sharing an easy dinner party idea on instagram! (image above)

Can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous caftan dress (nursing friendly too!)

Could a doll improve your baby’s sleep?

Classic pair of white sneakers 

Pool dreams!

I love dollar store projects like this one

I live in these Madewell sandals and now they’re on sale!

Speaking of, how to create good sleeping habits for your kids

A steal of a deal on huarache sandals

Homemade It’s-It ice cream bars. The bay area classic!

Great looking black wool hat for fall (a deal too). Maybe paired with this black trench (also on sale)

Pretty DIY rustic hangers 

These fruit cakes are so pretty!

This new east coast bike trail sounds amazing. Whose in next summer?

In case you haven’t heard it yet: Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC was incredible


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