Weekend Roundup


Up to anything fun this weekend? We hosted a fun dinner last night with friends using this trick I posted about for dinner parties with kids. In a week we’re leaving for a two week beach vacation in North Carolina with my siblings.  Been looking forward to it for so long! Work will be busy this week as I get ready to go and I’m trying to do some prep this weekend too. Also, eating my weight in stone fruits. Love this season! Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

Wow. This korean bbq burrito looks amazing!

A DIY bed for a little doll (so cute!)

A few of my picks from the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale through August 8th: a great jean jacket, tassel loafers, a classic dressed up wool coat, a comfy casual dress

The sweetest little dresses Edie lives in

What does it mean for women to have it all? A great project my friend Etienne put together (you might see a familiar face!)

Pretty candy color fridges (that igloo one!)

Sweetest little ice cream sandals

I love how this little boys room turned out

Great shirt for a great cause

The best playdough 

Great idea for introducing a new baby to a toddler

What a pretty black dress for fall

Great podcast about women in history

Sleeping naked for a better night’s sleep

Fun cactus print mens shirt (here’s a womens version!)

Cute bathing suit I’m eyeing on amazon prime

Great instagram accounts for hair inspiration

We’ve been loving this new Netflix series, Stranger Things

Sweet potato toast. Yum!

These undie and tank sets are so cute. I just need to get Edie potty trained…

Image above from our trip to Fire Island a couple years ago (would love to go back!)


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